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When selecting a basketball training program, you should never approach it with a ‘one size fits all’ mindset. Basketball training programs reflect the personal needs of a player’s game, whether it be their skill level, age group or targeted training. Kids are the perfect example of why there should be basketball training programs that accommodate specificities because of their varied needs. At N1DP, we design our basketball training programs to be all-inclusive, ensuring that all children, regardless of their skill level, age or event location in Sydney, can attend our academy. To ensure that your kids feel like they are in an inclusive environment, we group most programs based on age so that they can comfortably participate.

In this article, we’ll break down all of the basketball training programs offered by N1DP. You’ll soon realise that we design our programs to be inclusive to all kids.

  • School Holiday Basketball Camps

    This camp is perfect for kids on holiday who are looking for a great experience. It’s suited for newbies as well as basketball enthusiasts and allows kids to have fun with their friends while also learning about personal skill development and teamwork.

    Perfect for: Basketball for kids of all ages at any level of the game, including newcomers to the sport.

    Locations available: Stanhope Gardens, Olympic Park, North Ryde, Wollongong and Ryde.

    Ages: 5 to 9, 5 to 16 and 10 to 16.
  • School Holiday Elite Camps

    Regardless of the position that your kid plays, our School Holiday Elite Camp is the best program for them to learn new concepts and the principles of the game. We designed this camp to cater to kids who already play basketball and are in search of a camp that allows them to transform their game and refine their skills.

    Perfect for: Elite basketball for kids who play in any position at any level of basketball and who are serious about improving their skills.

    Locations available: Stanhope Gardens, Olympic Park and Wollongong.

    Ages: Under 12s, Under 14s Under 16s and Under 18s.
  • N1DP Elite

    Our Elite program is one of the most comprehensive basketball programs in Australia for youth basketball skill development. In addition to the refinement of basketball skills, this program improves basketball IQ, tactical awareness and executes a development plan for each athlete’s preparation for Representative trials.

    Perfect for: Players with solid basketball skills who are interested in achieving a basketball career.

    Locations available: Caringbah, Olympic Park and Ryde.

    Ages: Under 12s, Under 14s, Under 16s and Under 18s.
  • Rising Stars

    Rising Stars program is designed for young children who want to develop their basketball skills and prepare for competitive basketball. Along with key skills, kids in this program are taught team concepts, structured gameplay and basketball IQ. The program focuses on refining an array of basketball skills, from shooting and finishing, to individual offensive and defensive skills.

    Perfect for: Basketball for kids at the beginner to intermediate level who are interested in playing basketball or want to prepare for competition.

    Locations available: Caringbah, Olympic Park and Ryde.

    Age group: Under 10s, Under 12s, Under 14s and Under 16s.
  • Rookie League

    This introductory league aims to provide fun and educational experiences that support players’ long-term development. Kids in this program learn foundational basketball skills and benefit from improving their self-confidence, motor skills, balance and coordination.

    Perfect for: Basketball for kids 13 years and under who are interested in playing basketball and preparing for competition.

    Locations available: North Ryde, Olympic Park and Ryde.

    Age group: Under 8s, Under 10s, Under 12s and Under 14s.
  • School Programs

    Young athletes in school can benefit from our school programs which teach basketball skills, team concepts and structured gameplay. The program focuses on key basketball skills needed to transform a young athletes game and teaches kids how to develop their decision-making skills and basketball IQ.

    Perfect for: Students who want to further develop their basketball skill and prepare for competition.

    Locations available: Schools in Sydney & Wollongong

    All ages
  • One-on-one Coaching

    One-on-one coaching allows players to benefit from a customised training plan that suits their personal needs and helps them to build proper techniques while learning and mastering transformative new skills. Personalised coaching is the best route to success.

    Perfect for: Players who want individual attention and a tailored program.

    Locations available: All, dependent on the player’s convenience.

    All ages

Give your child the amazing experience of attending our amazing basketball academy. Along with private one-on-one coaching sessions and summer holiday camps, we also have daily classes!

Talented coaches and skilled former players will help your kid pursue their dreams by learning how to master the foundation of basketball through a tailored approach that harnesses their strengths and rectifies their weaknesses.

Join our N1DP family and discover the best basketball experience for your kids! Enquire today about our programs on 133 33 N1DP.