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Do you want to get into the sport of basketball and excel quicker than your team-mates? To do so, you will need to grasp some simple basketball drills that you can practice at a basketball training program or even at home in your backyard. Basketball is an amazing sport that has numerous benefits, both physically and socially. It teaches hand-eye coordination, agility, teamwork, problem-solving, discipline and work ethic.

Basketball is an extremely fast-moving game that involves a variety of skills that can be taught at a basketball training program or practised at home. It is crucial that you master the fundamentals of basketball, as this will help your progress into a professional player.

Some of these fundamental skills include:

  • Shooting
  • Dribbling
  • Passing
  • Rebounding
  • Defence and footwork

The amazing benefit of basketball is that you can easily practice it at home or at your local park. As long as you have a basketball, basketball ring and a bouncy surface, you will be able to practice these simple basketball drills.

Basketball shooting drills you should incorporate in your training

Shooting technique is one of the most important skills you will need to master. The proper shooting technique involves the shooter focusing on their stance, how they hold the ball, aiming the ball, releasing the ball and then their follow-through. Once you have developed your technique, it is recommended that you practice at home and at training programs to deliver consistent shots. These can be developed through some simple basketball drills.

  • Free throws: shooting from the free-throw line is a great way to make shots. Practising shooting regularly forms consistency and helps build confidence in making shots. The free-throw line is commonly used throughout the game as a shooting point, hence why it is a great position to practice from.
  • Around the world (Key): this particular drill involves making your way around set spots outside the key. We recommend starting at one side and then making your way all around and back down to the other side of the key. This is a great drill to incorporate within basketball training programs, as it can greatly enhance shooting skills.

Basketball dribbling drills you should practice throughout your training

Dribbling in basketball is another fundamental skill that is used to advance the ball up the court. If you want to become a professional basketball player, we recommend practising dribbling with both hands and trying to make moves with the ball without looking. It is important that the ball remains at hip height or below and that your focus is always on the court, not the ball. Some simple ways to improve your dribbling skills include:

  • Weak hand dribbling: this involves dribbling on the spot with the opposite hand to then dribbling with the opposite hand whilst moving
  • Cone dribbling: setting up cones in a line or in any way you please and thereafter dribbling fast in between cones can help you make faster decisions and quick moves. It also helps improve control.
  • Straight-line dribbling: this drill involves walking and dribbling the ball through each leg and behind the back. You can start by making three dribbles with one hand and then switching it to the other hand

Basketball passing drills you are going to want to master in your training

Passing is a key skill that players need to master, as the wrong pass can cost you a win in a real-life game. It is important that you have the right athletic stance to pass the basketball with control and power. Always remember to have your feet shoulder-width apart, knees, hips and back bent. Here are some drills you can use for a great passing workout:

  • Overhead wall pass: this drill requires you to hold the ball above your head and thereafter throw it with both hands and catch it above your head with both hands. You can then repeat this process approximately two metres away from the wall. Ensure you keep your knees bent and aim to throw 20-30 passes.
  • One hand wall pass: this drill is similar to the overhead pass, however, focuses on using just one hand. It is important to keep the ball up high (around shoulder height).

At No1 Draft Pick, we want to share our passion and expertise for basketball and help you excel your skills. Our team consists of professional coaches that will be able to strengthen your skills and techniques needed to keep you ahead of the game.

If you want to be a part of a state-of-the-art basketball training program to enhance your skills No1 Draft Pick is here for you. Enquire today for more information regarding our different events and programs. Call us on 1300 336 137