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A basketball development academy is one of the best places for a child to flourish. With a constructive but fun program that ensures that your child learns foundational basketball techniques as well as a community of like-minded basketball players, your kid will benefit a number of areas. While there’s usually no problem convincing children to attend a basketball academy (especially those who are obsessed with the sport!), you, as the parent, may have a bit of a harder time understanding the value of sending your child to the basketball development academy.

Unlike simply playing basketball with friends, our basketball development academy is not free. This leads many parents to wonder why they should pay to send their child to play basketball when they can do the same thing without cost. The reason is that your child will not just be playing basketball. They will be learning a number of valuable skills and lessons that they cannot learn outside of the academy. We pride ourselves in nurturing well-rounded basketball players and promise parents that they will see the value of our academy in more than one way.

What do you do at a basketball academy?

The value of a basketball academy can be seen in how its sessions are structured. Here are a few details about programs offered by N1DP’s basketball academy.

  • Specialised classes that focus on specific basketball techniques
  • Group competitions
  • Basketball drills
  • Beginner camps
  • Preparation classes for representative trials

These are a few of the activities done at a basketball academy. Throughout most sessions (with the exception of private one-on-one coaching sessions), your kid will experience what camaraderie is like when they are part of a team, learn to persist and reach their goals and understand what healthy competition looks like.

Let’s go into further detail about why you should enrol your kid in N1DP’s basketball development academy.

4 reasons why you should register your kid with a basketball academy 

  1. Muscular and physical development
    Muscular and physical development is important for any growing child, but especially for kids who are serious about basketball. Sessions at a basketball development academy are extremely intense but very effective at muscle development. Through these demanding sessions and from their time spent running on the court, your kid will develop endurance, agility and strength. Your kid’s aerobic capacity, metabolism and energy level will also be boosted. In addition to helping them healthily develop, some of the physical benefits of basketball translate into advantages at school (energy levels, endurance and agility).
  2. Teamwork skills
    Social skills, particularly, learning to work in a team, are needed by everyone at some point in their lives. Basketball is a great opportunity for children to learn teamwork in addition to other social skills. At a basketball academy, your kid will learn how to manage different personalities in a team, understand how to work with kids of various ages and skill levels and be supportive of their teammates. They will also develop communication skills as they figure out how to effectively communicate both on and off the court.

    The experience of being a team player during group basketball exercises or in a competition cannot be compared to any other experience. Your kid will go through life understanding the importance of community and how to work with people who are unlike them.
  3. Importance of good sportsmanship
    At our academy, players are part of teams and enter friendly competitions. Regardless of the outcome of the game, we teach all of our players to shake hands with their teammates, opponents and referees at the end. They congratulate each other and take personal responsibility (rather than blaming each other) for the result.

    This teaches your kid how to be a good sportsman as well as how important sportsmanship is. This translates into different areas of life as your kid will learn how to congratulate others on their success, in different areas, as well as how to reflect and understand their own downfalls.
  4. Increased self-esteem
    Self-esteem is something that all children, at some point in their lives struggle with. Whether it be at school, with friends, or in sports, children lose self-confidence. As a parent, it is hard to build this up for them, however, basketball can help. As your child begins to improve, both in character and skill level, they become more confident in themselves.

    Our supportive team environment and morale-boosting coaches focus on the positives and ensure that all kids at our academy become resilient and leave every day with high self-esteem, whether they win, lose or draw in a game, suffer a temporary setback or achieve a major goal.

Do you want to join the N1DP family or sign your kid up for our camp? Enquire today on 1300 33 N1DP.