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Basketball camps can be super exciting for both kids and parents. However, many times, intimidation can creep in as well. This is completely understandable as often, it’s a new and unfamiliar camp, your kid has not spent a prolonged period of time away from you and the camp may include children who are older and unfamiliar. Parents, believe it or not, can also become worried about sending their children to camp. However, it’s important to remember that regardless of what kind, it is an important part of growing up and teaching your child certain life skills. If you or your child are feeling uncomfortable about basketball camp then preparing physically, mentally and emotionally can help you to feel ready when the time comes. Here are a few of our tips for preparing your kid for basketball camp.

  1. Ask the basketball camp any questions that you may have

    As a parent, it is completely common for you to have a dozen questions about the camp. After all, this is where you’re sending your child for a few days, so it’s understandable that you would want to feel as comfortable with the camp as possible. If you can’t find the information that you need on N1DP’s or any other camp’s website, then don’t feel shy about calling or emailing the organisation directly. Visit N1DP’s contact page if you need any more information about your child’s basketball camp.

  2. Pack your kid’s favourite (healthy) snacks

    At most camps, snack options can be quite limited. To help your kid feel some comfort, make their most-loved homemade snacks or carry them to the grocery store to purchase their favourites. We recommend that these be healthy snacks like fruit, granola or protein balls. Regardless, the process of making or purchasing the snacks with you will help your child to feel calmer and at ease about the upcoming experience.

  3. Practise their basketball skills before camp

    It is normal for your child to lose confidence in their skills before basketball camp. Sometimes, the camp may include children who are not from your kid’s age group and who may be more advanced or older, leading them to feel intimidated. Practise your child’s basketball skills with them in the days running up to the camp. Ensure not to criticise harshly and to instead, build up their confidence in their skills. Practising with you and hearing encouraging words before camp will give them the confidence boost they need to feel more emotionally, physically and mentally prepared.

  4. Talk to your kid

    Sometimes, your child may want to talk to you about camp but won’t know how or may feel embarrassed to. Do your child a favour and start the conversation for them. Ask them questions about their feelings towards camp such as:

    • Who are you excited to see at camp?
    • What skills do you want to learn?
    • Are you anxious about going to camp?

    From this, you’ll be able to gauge whether they are concerned about something. Encourage them by letting them know that they’ll be on the road to becoming an even better basketball player and that they’ll get to meet talented players just like them. You may find that in some cases, just a few reassuring words will help your child to feel calmer about camp.

  5. Get your child familiar

    Oftentimes, the reason that your child is feeling unprepared or nervous about camp is because of its unfamiliarity. If you realise that this is the case then visit or drive to where the camp is located. If you’re not able to do that then go onto social media and Google Maps to show your kid where the camp is. Visit the camp’s website and show them exciting things about the location, such as the camp’s amazing basketball court. Simply seeing its location and building will remove some of their fear, especially if the camp’s location is near your home.

We hope that the previous tips are able to quell some of the nervousness that you or your kid may be feeling around basketball camp. Remember that at basketball camp, your child will be able to practise a variety of basketball skills, play in teams and experience what it’s like to be “on the road” with a group of their teammates. It is an invaluable experience and one that no basketball-loving kid should miss. But, apart from improving on their basketball skills, what are the benefits of going to basketball camp?

  • Socialise with children of different backgrounds and ages
  • Improve their basketball skills with new challenges and players
  • Learn from different coaches
  • Have fun!

N1DP’s basketball training for kids and youths can help them master their skills. We have brought together some of the most innovative basketball minds in Australia.

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