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Roderick Proctor

General Manager of No1 Draft Pick

Roderick’s passion and drive for basketball certainly does not go unnoticed. With 17 years’ experience as a professional basketball player in Australia, and thereafter many years’ experience as a basketball coach, he brings a range of unique and valuable skills to our team.

With an extensive amount of expertise, Roderick started his career off with flying colours, being awarded a full scholarship to Mississippi College in 1989. During his time at college, he led as head captain for the team, winning the GSC Championship and advancing to the NCCA tournament. Roderick showed his skill, talent and hard work throughout these years, as it was the first time the college had won this tournament.

Roderick has had an amazing basketball career from his early years. This all began in 1995. He kicked off his career with many achievements including being rewarded as the Captain of Bankstown Bruins, the Winner of the Peter Lopez ‘Most Inspirational Player’ Award, ‘Golden Hands’ Award and named NSW State League Player of the Year.

His career continued to transcend, and in 1997 he became the captain of West Sydney Slammers and the runner up in the Eastern Conference Championship in SEABL. In 2001, Roderick was contracted with NBL team ‘The Sydney Kings’ and thereafter became the captain of Sydney Comets, leading the team to win the Waratah League Championship in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

Between 2007 and 2013, Roderick continued to display his passion for basketball. Playing as Sutherland Sharks Championships Men’s Team Point Guard and winning league champions in 2007 and 2008 as well as state champions in 2012.

Roderick couldn’t say goodbye to his one love, basketball and in 2012 continued to progress in the industry by coaching the Sutherland Sharks State League Team. During this time he played as the point guard, leading the team whilst also performing duties as head coach. He was able to grow and develop during this time as a coach, drawing up gameplays and strategies for the team as well as conducting practices and directing individual/group activities. Roderick believes in ‘promoting an environment of respect, teamwork, participation and discipline’ which are qualities N1DP also places high importance on.

Roderick was a part of the Sutherland Basketball Association for 7 years, where he developed most as a coach. Throughout this time he managed drills, training sessions, and innovative strategies to teach players how to shine in the game.

Roderick is an exceptional mentor, coach and team-player. He has been through many trials and challenges, which have only made him stronger as a person and coach. He is an innovative strategist and playmaker who can break down the game of basketball like no other, allowing players to reach their full potential.

We are honoured to have Roderick as part of the N1DP team where he will be able to display and implement his unique skills to the youth. We are confident he will promote an environment of respect, participation and discipline helping N1DP reach new heights.