basketball training academy

Marvin Bayer

General Manager of Coaching & Development

Marvin started his basketball journey while living in Malaysia at the age of 14 and quickly developed a love for the game. He moved with his parents to New Zealand where he represented his local club in Auckland, eventually making the Representative Team, which went on to win the State Championships that year.

He relocated to Australia in 1989 and immediately fell in love with the country which he now calls home. His passion for the game continued to grow over the years and he soon discovered that he wanted to transition into the coaching side of basketball with an emphasis on player skill development.

His passion and enthusiasm for teaching the game did not go unnoticed and he quickly became a respected coach and skills coach that was sort after by several Sydney clubs and associations. After honing his skills for several years he took on several roles as a Development Officer, Operations Director, Board Member and Director of Coaching with various associations over the next 15 years.

In 2007, Marvin established his own basketball academy, MAD Basketball Academy, where he established his own system of training and style of play. The club expanded rapidly, growing to a membership of over 2000+ players playing and training with the academy each year, with more attending MAD’s Elite camps every school holidays. With numbers growing year after year, his reputation grew along with the number of training locations throughout the greater Sydney, becoming a respected training academy.

Outside of basketball, Marvin has owned and operated his own small business for 20+ years. He has also been heavily involved with various school programs and regularly volunteers his time to give back to the community and at coaching programs for kids living with disabilities. He has been happily married for 22 years, with 3 children who also play basketball at various levels and support his passion for the sport.

Marvin has trained and helped numerous athletes achieve success at both the high school, collegiate and professional level over the years. Whether it be on court skill workouts, strength training, representative teams or film analysis and breakdown, Marvin is skilled and experienced in helping athletes grow and evolve.