One On One Coaching

Basketball is the ultimate team sport. If you want to take your individual game to the next level, one on one coaching from our elite coaches at N1DP can help you get there. Need to improve your weaknesses and develop your strengths? Want to make a serious impact on the game? Our coaches will evaluate your current skill level and provide a customised training plan designed to make YOU the best player you can be.

Even NBA superstars spare no expense when it comes to getting better every day. From LeBron James developing a power low post game, to Kawhi Leonard becoming a tremendous all-around player – the greats of basketball have all benefited from personal coaching.

At N1DP, our elite coaches focus on the fundamentals. It’s all about high quality repetition of all the necessary skills that will enable you to improve in all facets of the game, from shooting to passing, rebounding to defending. Every player is different. Our personalised training program allows individuals to speed up their learning curve. That equals faster results.

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