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Are you an aspiring basketball player? Have you had dreams of possessing the shooting ability of Stephen Curry? 

Although this may seem like an impossible goal, we are here to tell you that it’s not. Anything is possible with hard work, dedication and persistence. If you don’t put in the hard work, you will never be able to unlock your true potential. 

Shooting is basketball’s most important and most difficult skill to master. But it can be done with repetition and hard work.

The key to mastering your shot is the repetition of the perfect shot. 

Results don’t appear overnight, rather it takes hard work and endurance. This not only applies when ‘shooting’ in basketball but when attempting to improve any aspect of the game, it is important to remain patient and not expect results straight-away.

To become a great shooter, you will need time and discipline. By practising and repeating your shooting many times a day, every day, you will slowly train and teach your muscles to shoot correctly. Repeating shooting movements day in, day out will help you perfect your shot without having to think. This is especially important in games, as you don’t have the time to wait and perfect your movement. If you have your shooting technique down, this won’t be a problem!

Do you want to become the best shooter on your team? At N1DP, our school holiday basketball camps will help teach you tips and tricks to improve your shot and become an offensive threat.

Here are some of our favourite tips that may help you improve your shooting skills. 

  • Correct your shot: making a bunch of shots using incorrect mechanics is not going to make you a better shooter. As with any bad habit, the more you do it, the more ingrained it becomes. Hence it is important to get your shooting technique and form right as soon as possible. 

  • Locate the rim earlier: looking up while you possess the ball will allow you to survey the floor but also keep your defence game strong. The same applies when shooting – you must locate the rim as soon as possible to give your brain more time to calculate the distance, focus on the target and finally make the shot.
  • Improve your follow-through: this can be done by relaxing your wrists and ensuring your fingers are pointed at your target (the rim). Many players make the mistake of following through with a tense wrist which can ultimately affect the accuracy of the shot. 

  • Avoid thinking about your shot during games: with anything you do in life, it is not healthy to overthink. Rather keep your head in the game, relax and allow your ability to take over during the game. You should not be worrying about your shooting mechanics, rather you should be focused on helping your team reach their goal. We recommend practising your shot until you have perfected it. Doing this will help you make your shots naturally without thinking. 

  • Make 50 shots before every game: it is completely normal to get nervous before a big game, however, in saying that, it is important to maintain a high level of confidence. We recommend making 50 shots before your game to help build your confidence and prepare you for the game. 

School holiday basketball camps in Sydney can help you improve your shot. Our coaches design drills and conduct training sessions that help build confident and skilled shooters. Our school basketball camps held in Sydney are designed with detailed instruction, demonstration and proper technique. Our coaches work with you every step of the way to help you become the best shooter and overall player. Not only do our basketball camps in Sydney teach you shooting skills, but they also focus on all the fundamentals of basketball to help you improve on your weaknesses.

At N1DP we want to help you reach your goals. Our school holiday basketball camps are established to help train aspiring youth for their future. 

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