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Are you an aspiring basketball player in Sydney? Do you want to learn how to play basketball and master your skills?

Basketball is a fun and exciting game, requiring teamwork, focus, attention, fitness and skill. Starting in this new game can be quite daunting and overwhelming. However, if you plan and establish the right mindset, you will be slam-dunking in no time!

The fundamentals of learning to play basketball

  • The aim of the game is to throw a basketball into the hoop and score points.

  • Each team is made up of 5 players on the court.

  • Positions of players are broken up into point guard, shooting guard, centre, power forward and small forward.

  • The game starts at the halfway line on the court.

  • There are 3 scoring numbers for basketball players. Any basket scored from outside the 3-point arc will score 3 points. Baskets scored within the 3-point arc will result in 2 points while successful free throws will result in 1 one point per throw.

  • Winning a game of basketball is quite simple. All you have to do is score more points than the opposing team.

  • When playing the game, the ball can only be moved by either dribbling or passing the ball. Once a player stops dribbling and puts two hands on the ball, they cannot dribble further and must pass.

  • If the ball goes into a team’s half and then win possession back, the ball must then make it back over the halfway line within 8 seconds.

  • Each team also has 24 seconds to at least shot at the basket; thereafter the clock restarts.

  • If a successful basket is made, the ball is then turned over to the opposition.

  • Fouls committed throughout the game accumulate, and when they reach a certain number, will be awarded as a free throw.

  • Violations in basketball include travelling (taking more than one step without dribbling), double-dribble (dribbling, stopping and then dribbling again), backcourt violation (once the ball passes the halfway line, the offensive team cannot take it back over the line).

Beginner tips for those who want to learn to play basketball in Sydney

Before you start playing the game, you must get off to the right start.

There is not much to do in regards to ‘basketball gear’; however, we do recommend investing in a good pair of basketball shoes as the wrong type could lead to an injury. Basketball involves a lot of running and jumping. The right shoes with cushioning and support are vital to prevent damage. High-top or mid-top shoes are recommended as they provide your ankle with the support needed.

We know how exciting it is to start your first basketball training session. However, it is vital that you warm-up and stretch before starting. As it is a new experience for your body, you must prepare yourself before jumping in the game head-first. Warming up reduces the chance of injuries and is an efficient way to increase your ability to perform. As basketball is such a fast-paced sport, a proper warm-up is recommended to raise your heart rate and prepare you for the game.

Do you think you’re in shape? Think again. Basketball is a physically challenging sport and requires you to be quite fit. The better shape you’re in, the higher your stamina and the quicker your response time. A great way to improve your fitness levels is by running or introducing HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) sessions to raise your cardiovascular fitness for basketball. Yoga is also a great way to increase your flexibility and agility. You will need to be able to keep up with the heat and ensure your body is ready for a full game of ball.

Practice makes perfect, right? If you want to master your skills and technique, you will need to put in hard work and hours to improve on critical skills such as passing, dribbling and shooting.

  • Be sure to practice dribbling with your weak hand until you can handle the ball as effectively with either side
  • Always practice dribbling with your head up, so you can see what is happening around you
  • Practice shooting from a variety of positions
  • Always hold your follow-through to maintain technique
  • Practice jumping high for collecting rebounds, blocking shots and shooting

Although this may seem overwhelming, confidence grows by mastering your skills. This will take time and dedication! Remember, even Michael Jordan started like you. As a beginner, we recommend learning the basics first, rather than trying to perform a 3-pointer in your first practice session. After all, practice makes perfect!

No. 1 Draft Pick has a range of customised training programs including one-on-one basketball coaching and group sessions to help you learn to play basketball. Our specialised coaches will develop a tailored plan to suit your personal needs and focus on building proper techniques while simultaneously learning and mastering new skills.

No1 Draft Pick will work with you to turn your weaknesses into strengths! Reach your goals today. Contact us to book in a session on 1300 336 137!