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From the North American chant that you hear on the sidelines, aggression can be taken as a key consideration of basketball success for players who want to stand their ground on the court.

Our Academy takes pride in shaping the future basketball players of tomorrow. We, as coaches, train players to be confident, strong, strategic, fair and most importantly, use aggression to their benefit.

What an aggressive player is like on the basketball court? 

  • Aggression on the court comes from your passion for the game and winning it for you and your teammates. You use it to motivate them, and they encourage you to fight for that ball.
  • Playing with passion brings an element of chaos to the other team’s way of playing against you.
  • You should take the game seriously and enter the court, knowing that you are entering into a game of struggle and perseverance.
  • You are aggressive for you and your team. The team you play for deserves and expects you to fight for every possession.
  • Basketball is a physical sport. Taking charge and controlling the game through your defensive skills ensures that you create turnovers from the opposition.
  • Dominate every rebound you are responsible for and stay alert.
  • It is not ‘bad’ sportsmanship to be aggressive. You can be aggressive on the court without throwing dirty shots at your opponent. Aggression must be respectful and should not be confused with anger.
  • Aggressive players earn respect on the basketball court.
  • Aggressive players stand their ground and own the court. Getting physically and mentally strong is critical when making sure that the other team isn’t pushing you around.
  • Remember the skills and advantages that you have over the opponent.
  • You are proud of your skill and use it for the win.
  • Aggressive play replaces ego on the court. Translate that fight for skill and turn it into something powerful; a win.

6 Tips on how you can be more aggressive while on the basketball court

  1. Do you see that loose ball? Chase it:
    Your coach appreciates a player that will attack any loose ball. Possession of the ball is vital in basketball, and keeping the ball in your control minimises the amount your opponent can score against you. Keep your eyes on the ball.
  2. Rebounds – make them yours:
    Unless your coach tells you to defend or stand down, you should be taking every opportunity to get that rebound and take the ball back to your side of the court. Whether in basketball training or on the court, keep that skill consistent. It’ll turn you into a rebound king/queen. Repeat in your mind, “I am the rebound king/queen,” and the aggression your team needs from you will come out.
  3. Don’t question yourself. Trust your instincts and attack:
    Remember the key phrases your coach yells out—”take the shot”, “you’re open”, “watch the double team”—as you develop your skills, and the idea of hesitation will be long gone. Trust yourself, the team and the game.
  4. Keep your energy positive and keep it high:
    Own the court harder than your opponent. Eat good food, get enough sleep and stay consistent in all aspects of your life. Keeping a clear mind will keep your body energised all the time, and aggression on the court will be used in a positive way.
  5. Communicate with your team:
    Talk with your team on the court and off the court. Strategise with them to work out the plays that best suit you all. Your coach will recognise this as a sign of strength and maturity.
  6. No fear:
    Don’t fear failure because opponents can smell the fear from a mile away. When you are in a state of fear whilst playing, you will make silly mistakes. Be confident in your skill and stay calm to remember all of the skills you learned during your training with N1DP.

The famous Michael Jordan said, “One day, you might look up and see me playing the game at 50. Don’t laugh. Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.”

As a basketball player, you owe it to yourself to make it happen, just like Michael Jordan. He was one of the few that made it happen for himself. You are the player that knows the sky’s the limit for your basketball career.

No1 Draft Pick offers multiple services to tailor and suit various basketball players to prepare for your current and future seasons. See below the best programs that will facilitate enhancing your basketball skills.

Our sessions show you how to make aggression a powerful tool on the court. For further information on training at No. 1 Draft Pick Academy, call us on 1300 33 N1DP or email us at info@no1draftpick.com.

Work hard, play harder.