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Basketball training is a fun way for children to exercise, however, for some who are serious about basketball, it is a necessary part of life that is a pathway to becoming a professional basketball player. Basketball training at N1DP helps children to learn and refine basketball skills and techniques through shooting and dribbling drills, fitness routines and personal coaching sessions with our legendary coaches, however, did you know that you can help your child with their basketball training? 

At N1DP,  we look at basketball training holistically. This means that training for the game does not stop when your child comes home from his or her sessions with us. Basketball training continues at home and involves your child’s fitness level, their diet and more! As a parent, you have a lot of control over what your child does with his or her time. This also means that you have the power to help your child become more effective and efficient with their basketball training.

4 Ways to Ensure Your Kid is Set Up for Success On The Court

  1. Ensure they eat correctly
    As we mentioned previously, diet plays a major role in the effectiveness of basketball training. Children are prone to poor eating habits, including ingesting high-sugar soft drinks and lollies. At any age, children should have a diet high in protein, carbs and filled with fruits and vegetables.

    As your child’s caregiver, you can limit the amount of fast-food they ingest and instead, guide them towards healthier options, including ensuring that healthy foods are available at home. Fill your kitchen with healthy alternatives to popular snacks such as yogurt, hummus and frozen fruit. You should also encourage your child to stay hydrated and limit the intake of soft drinks. This is especially important since they will lose a lot of water during their basketball training sessions.

  2. Play basketball games/contests with them
    Outside of basketball training, you should encourage your child to challenge themselves by playing with them. Engage your child in one-on-one basketball games, ensuring not to ‘let’ them win. Instead, put up a healthy defence and push your child to defeat you. You can also target the weak area of your child’s game by creating contests for them in specific areas. For example, you can challenge your kid to a dribbling contest, so that they can improve their dribbling technique outside of their training academy.

  3. Chat about their mental health
    Basketball training can be intense and often, weighs heavily on a child’s mind. There’s more to the game than a simple win or lose. Your child may begin to feel defeated if they can’t overcome a hurdle or perfect a part of their game. Additionally, it’s inevitable for your child to compare themselves with another player which can lead them to feelings of inadequacy or failure. All of these incidents and more can demotivate your child.

    Ensure that you speak to them carefully about how they are feeling. Your child may want to tell you and may need a simple prompt, so ask them if they would like to speak about anything. In your response, frame your advice positively. Lift up your child and encourage them to persist and overcome their hurdles. You can also relate a similar experience to make your child feel more comfortable about their state of mind and capabilities.

  4. Ensure they have balance in their life
    Though we mentioned a lot about encouraging your child to remain fit and consistent with their training, it’s also important for your child to have balance in his or her life. Many children who are serious about basketball tend to overdo training and can suffer from a lack of balance in their life, which can affect their mental health and social life. If you find that your child is suffering from a lack of balance, then we recommend that you encourage them to take a break; carry your child to do something fun, or ask them if they’d like to hang out with their friends. You’ll find that your child’s mood will change and they become more motivated to train.

At N1DP’s academy, we offer basketball training for kids and youths to help them master their skills. As we explained in this article, you, as the parent, have a lot of power to help your child with basketball training and to instil discipline and persistence in them. Whether your child is a simple basketball-lover or interested in becoming a professional player, your help will aid them through life, making them more successful persons. Rest assured that at our camps, we try our hardest to ensure that your child is given the proper training and guidance. We have brought together some of the most innovative and skilled basketball minds in Australia to train Sydney’s basketball-loving youth at our camps.

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