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The N1DP Elite program is the most comprehensive and innovative training program for youth basketball skill development. The academy focuses on the development of skills, basketball I.Q, tactical awareness and is committed to creating and executing a development plan for each athlete to help them prepare for Representative trials, competition and achieve their optimal potential on the court.

At N1DP Elite, players have fun learning and playing basketball, practicing skills and moves set within the specific context of the game. They are also encouraged to find solutions to these situations by using their skills, working in coordination with their teammates and subsequently being able to act efficiently and efficaciously when playing competitive basketball.


The Academy focuses on developing players intelligence, technical proficiency, athleticism, and character. We believe these traits play an integral role in the overall development of each basketball player.

No1 Draft Pick instructors will introduce aspects of the game such as mental toughness, skill development, age appropriate strength & conditioning, nutrition, leadership, life skills and character development. Our aim is to also ensure that N1DP Academy players not only have an advantage over the competition but understand what it takes to succeed on the court and in life.

The N1DP coaching methodology works in conjunction with the Basketball NSW style of play and via its own particular model, based upon a methodology which includes a creative and attacking brand of basketball and the promotion of positive values such as respect, effort, leadership, teamwork and humility.


Participation in the N1DP Elite program is by trial or invite only. Athletes are identified by our N1DP coaching staff at our programs throughout the year. Staff are looking for players who have a sound basketball skill level and a deep desire to train and get better to achieve a successful basketball career.

Athletes may also be selected based on their performance at a N1DP school holiday camp or other N1DP programs.

Selection into the Elite Program is based upon Stages not Ages. Every player is at a different stage of their development compared to another similar aged player. For example, a 12-year-old that has been playing and training for 6 years is at a different stage compared to a 12-year-old that is a beginner. Both belong in different programs.


To help our coaches and scouts identify talented athletes, the acronym I.D.T.S was developed.

I.D.T.S represents the No1 Draft Pick philosophy and is a basis for talent identification:

I - Intelligence and Insight – Basketball I.Q and game sense

D - Disposition – Quality of character and mind. Leadership, work ethic and competitiveness.

T - Technique – Skill and technical proficiency.

S – Speed – Incorporating mobility, physical conditioning and footwork.

Discipline and humility remain a high priority for all athletes to adhere to, with an emphasis on accountability and acceptance of a higher level of responsibility in all levels of development.

Think you are ready to take up the challenge? Then take a trial and join the team.


Programs are structured to provide for the following ages:

  • Under 12s – Boys & Girls
  • Under 14s – Boys & Girls
  • Under 16s – Boys & Girls
  • Under 18s – Boys & Girls


  • Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, Footwork and Rebounding
  • Defensive Principles, Full Court, Half Court, Transition Principles
  • Court Spacing and Cutting
  • Triple Threat Breakdown
  • Reading Game Situations
  • Developing Individual Skill Set
  • Developing Basketball IQ
  • Learning to Read and React
  • Dribble Drive Moves
  • Drive and Kick
  • Weak Hand Development
  • Poise Under Pressure
  • Physical & Mental Toughness
  • Periodic Evaluations and Goal Setting
  • In-Game Analyses and Evaluations of Athletes


  • Fast Break Options
  • Primary and Secondary Fast Break
  • Wing Push
  • Pick and Roll
  • Court Spacing and Cutting
  • Offensive Breakdown from 1on1, 2on2, 3on3, 4on4 and 5on5
  • Early Offensive Principles
  • Post-Play Development
  • Various Zone Concepts
  • Player Relationships
  • Learning the Nuances of the Team Game
  • Playing Component
    • 1on1
    • 2on2
    • 3on3
    • 4on4
    • 5on5


This is the perfect program for boys and girls who want to become great players. The N1DP Elite Academy is an intense, challenging and competitive program. This program is for players who have a strong work ethic, a deep desire to train and are ready to take the next step to becoming an impactful player.

Typically, this program is for players aged 9-17 years old. If you are unsure if your child is ready, contact us to book a trial.

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