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“Rising Stars Handling & Fitness Online Program for intermediate players “

This unique program focuses on developing players ball handling skills, footwork and improve your cardiovascular fitness in every session. We will cover ball handling, dribbling, footwork, combo moves, speed and fitness to help boost players performance. 

Players will begin with stationary ball handling drills and progress to moving with the ball drills that will challenge their current skill level, coordination and balance. The progressive format will help players to master the fundamental basketball dribbles, then slowly progress players through a challenging series of drills that builds technical and mastery of the basketball. 

The fitness component will aim to build speed, strength and cardio fitness through basketball specific movement training drills.  

What you will learn at the Ball Handling & Fitness Program

  • Develop and enhance your ball handling and dribbling skills. 
  • Improve your footwork speed. 
  • Learn the dribble moves and combos all great players must possess. 
  • Learn a series of moves of the dribble that can be used in game. 
  • Improve your coordination, balance and agility 
  • Increase your speed, strength and quickness. 
  • Improve your cardio fitness level. 
  • Improve your confidence and mastery of dribbling. 
  • Learn a series of training drills to utilise at home that will deliver real results. 

Equipment: Sweat Towel, Basketball, Drink Bottle


Please read our  Online Workout Terms and Conditions:

1. Please make sure that you have selected the session appropriate for your child’s age & ability.

2. Please check your email (including junk mail) for ZOOM Online Session details once registration has been finalised.

3. Participants are responsible for their training area. Safety is always our no1 priority. Ensure you have sufficient room to move, approximately 4 square meters is ideal, and must be free of any obstacles.

4. Participants are responsible for the health of their body. Ensure any injuries or sore points are addressed prior to commencing your session – we recommend getting cleared by your health professional.

5. Injuries: If you become injured or experience any pain during the session, you must STOP, evaluate the injury and apply regular maintenance techniques (stretching, foam roll, massage etc)

6. Video Sharing: We respect your privacy. We do recommend sharing your video so our coaches can give feedback and corrections throughout the session. We respect your choice to train privately and just watch our coaches in your own privacy.

7. Quality over Quantity: We encourage all our attendees to focus on executing the exercises with great form rather than quantity, if you unsure about the techniques or movement, we recommend executing the exercise slowly and lighten the intensity, this limits the chance of injuries and will ensure overall athletic development.

8. Stay within your training level and abilities. We recommend that parental supervision is available for participants U10 years old.

9. Ensure you’re ready to go prior to your session starting.

10. Zoom Session Pass: Note that the No. of Children (below) is the No. of Zoom Screens used per session. A zoom screen session can include multiple children. Please select 1 to purchase 1 x pass only for this workout.

Stay Safe & See You Online!

Any questions, please contact us on info@n1dp.com.au

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When: Every Wednesday for 4 weeks
Dates: Wednesday 15th September 2021 - Wednesday 29th September 2021
Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Ages: 10 to 15 in 2021
Cost: $45 for 3 weeks or $20 per session
Note: Please bring sweat towel, basketball and a drink bottle to your session. Note that No. of Children (below) is the No. of Zoom Screens used per session. A zoom screen session can include multiple children. Please select 1 to purchase 1 x pass only for this workout.

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