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Do you live and breathe basketball? If you are looking to ramp up your offensive skills both on the perimeter and inside the key, and you want to improve your game alongside other skilled players, then the N1DP Signature Moves camp is for you.

At this N1DP camp, we breakdown the signature moves of some of the most dominant offensive players past and present.

You will learn Michael Jordan’s deadly fade-away shot and several counters that he utilised to beat any defender. We will teach you Kyrie’s floater to score against taller opponents. We also breakdown Kobe’s triple threat moves as well as Curry’s shot-fake hesitations and attack and counter dribble moves.

You will learn the footwork, dribbling moves and little nuances of each players moves that make them unstoppable.

This camp is filled with detailed teaching, in-depth skill breakdown, insights, and high-level techniques for breaking down individual and team offenses.
At this camp attendees will: 

  • Learn the key elements to becoming a great offensive player 
  • Learn how to score over taller players 
  • Learn how to score in the key 
  • Learn Kobe’s Pro-hop Series 
  • Learn Jordan’s fade-away jump shot and the counters 
  • Learn Curry’s dribble moves and shot fake hesitations  
  • Learn Kyrie’s floater series and lay-up moves 
  • Learn a variety of step-back moves to gain separation from defenders 
  • Learn the signature dribble moves of Jordan, Kobe, Curry and Kyrie 
  • Get an insight into the mindset of an elite offensive player 
  • Learn key training drills to increase your speed, agility and lateral quickness 
  • Improve your confidence, mental toughness, and court awareness on defence
  • Learn training techniques to help improve your foot speed, strength, and agility 
This program is for players of all positions with representative experience or of a similar ability. They should have a sound knowledge of shooting mechanics, lay-ups, understand passing, cutting and spacing principles, are comfortable with their ball handling ability and have a deep desire to train and become better.

Please feel free to contact us regarding your child’s registration and entry into this camp.

We will have safety measures in place to ensure the well being of our staff and attendees. Please ensure that your children arrive and are picked up on time.
Children will not be permitted to attend the camp if any of the below is relevant:

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When: Elite Master Series Camp January 2021
Dates: Monday 12th April 2021 - Monday 12th April 2021
Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Ages: 9-13 Years
Cost: $90 Early Bird Offer: Register & Pay for a FULL WEEK Camp by the 12th of March & receive a FREE pair of NBL Basketball Team Socks valued at $26.95.
Note: *AKV are only valid for our development academy and not school holiday camps. N1DP provides active supervision for 15min before and after scheduled camp hours. Please note that any late pick-ups after these times will be subject to a $20.00 late fee per half hour. Each attendee is required to bring their own basketball, water bottle and food for break time. Participants will be divided into classes based on age and ability.
Phone: 1300 33 n1dp
Venue: Netball Central
2 Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
Sydney, NSW 2127 Australia

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