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basketball training academy
Attend all 5 days of our Master Series including the below sessions everyday.


At this N1DP camp, we breakdown the signature moves of some of the most dominant offensive players past and present. You will learn Michael Jordan’s deadly fade-away shot and several counters that he utilised to beat any defender. We will teach you Kyrie’s floater to score against taller opponents. We also breakdown Kobe’s triple threat moves as well as Curry’s shot-fake hesitations and attack and counter dribble moves.

We will cover various aspects of shooting and finishing, from shooting mechanics, correct footwork, attacking angles to decision making at the rim and intelligent playmaking to increase players shooting percentage.


SPEED IS THE ULTIMATE GAME CHANGER – EVERYONE CAN BE FASTER. Basketball is a dynamic and fast-paced sport that requires explosive strength, speed, agility, and quickness on-court. A player’s success in basketball is reliant on their ability to move fast, jump high and change direction quickly, which is why training for speed, agility and quickness should be a component of every athlete’s training program. At the N1DP S.A.Q camp, you will learn ways to enhance your ability to accelerate, decelerate, change direction, jump higher and react quicker with our basketball specific training drills and tips from our team of knowledgeable coaches.


This is the ultimate ball handling, dribbling and scoring camp. This camp is filled with high-level ball handling, passing, dribbling and scoring techniques to help you make winning plays, break down defences and create scoring opportunities. Learn the passing, dribbling, scoring and finishing principles that make players like Chris Paul one of the best ball handlers and playmakers in the game. Plus, we will teach you the habits that all great players practice daily. Things that make them successful and helps them stay at the top of their game. We will teach you how to train like a champion for maximum results.


All coaches love great defenders, and a player’s defensive ability is usually a deciding factor for playing time and whether they will finish off close games. Most coaches will say that it’s all about effort, the truth is, it’s more than just effort that makes a great defender. Good defenders have great anticipation skills, footwork, balance, strength, are very disciplined and play intelligently. Learn new breakthroughs in defensive skill development to enhance every aspect of your game. Our experienced and knowledgeable coaches will teach players key concepts, skills, and techniques to become a defensive stopper in transition, on the perimeter, and inside the key. This camp is filled with valuable skills, insights, and high-level techniques for breaking down individual and team offenses. Dominate on defence, be your coaches go to player at crunch time and never be left out of big games again.


Pick and Roll (PnR) offense is a staple of most offenses and is quickly becoming more prevalent within the representative and high school game. Players with the ability to operate whilst coming off a screen and attacking downhill at the heart of a defence can create nightmares for the opposition and are highly regarded by coaches everywhere. Players will be taught the roles and responsibilities of the ball handler and the screener with detailed demonstrations, tips and on court game scenarios.

Our experienced and knowledgeable coaches will teach you the concepts, skills, and knowledge to give you the ability to operate a Pick and Roll successfully.

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When: Elite Master Series Camp January 2021
Dates: Monday 12th April 2021 - Friday 16th April 2021
Time: 12:30pm - 3:30pm
Ages: 14-17 Years
Cost: $375 Early Bird Offer: Register & Pay for a FULL WEEK Camp by the 12th of March & receive a FREE pair of NBL Basketball Team Socks valued at $26.95.
Note: *AKV are only valid for our development academy and not school holiday camps. N1DP provides active supervision for 15min before and after scheduled camp hours. Please note that any late pick-ups after these times will be subject to a $20.00 late fee per half hour. Each attendee is required to bring their own basketball, water bottle and food for break time. Participants will be divided into classes based on age and ability.
Phone: 1300 33 n1dp
Venue: Netball Central
2 Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
Sydney, NSW 2127 Australia

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