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Any player who aspires to play at a high level, should attend a N1DP Master Series Camp.

The N1DP Master Series Camps are the premiere skills development camp for serious players of all positions. Each camp will break down specific skills that are unique to each position. The camps will also introduce concepts and principles to help players think the game and perform efficiently on court and more importantly, we teach players how to train for maximum improvement.

At N1DP, our mission is to help players improve. All players will participate in detailed skill development sessions and creative, decision-making game situations that will challenge and improve in-game performance.

The critical skills players will learn at our camps and from our coaches won’t be taught at your typical team training or holiday camps.


This program is not for beginners. This program is for players of all positions, of intermediate skill level, have representative experience or of a similar ability. They should have a sound knowledge of shooting mechanics, lay-ups, understand passing, cutting and spacing principles, are comfortable with their ball handling ability and have a deep desire to train and become better.

Selecting a Camp

Our Master Series Camps will benefit every player. The only pre-requisite to attend a N1DP camp is a deep desire to train and learn.

Every player, regardless of size or position should learn every aspect of the game. The game of basketball has evolved, today’s game is all about position-less basketball. This means that every player must learn to be a playmaker, defend multiple positions, shoot from various areas, be a confident ball-handler, post up, play from the perimeter and rebound. The best players in the world are multi-skilled.

This week’s Master Series Camp Focus:

  • Monday 28th June – Shooting & Finishing
  • Tuesday 29th June – Physical & Mental Toughness
  • Wednesday 30th June – Playmaking & Offensive Concepts
  • Thursday 1st July – Transition Offense & Defence
  • Friday 2nd July – Signature Move Series

Please feel free to contact us regarding your child’s registration and entry conditions into this camp.

We will have safety measures in place to ensure the well being of our staff and attendees. Please ensure that your children arrive and are picked up on time.
Children will not be permitted to attend the camp if any of the below is relevant:

  • Child has not been well within 48 hours prior to the event
  • If they are suffering from a sore throat, fever, or flu symptoms within 48 hours of the event.
  • If they suffer from COVID-19 or are currently in isolation awaiting test results
  • Have been overseas within the last 14 days prior to the event.

Have attended any of the reported case locations or Hot Spots listed on the NSW Health website

Read more about our camps below:


Great scorers know how to create their own shot and create space from defenders. This camp will help you become an unstoppable scorer regardless of what position you play on the court. Our experienced and knowledgeable coaches will provide you with the proper techniques and knowledge to give you the ability to beat any defender.

We will cover various aspects of shooting and finishing, from shooting mechanics, correct footwork, attacking angles to decision making at the rim and intelligent playmaking to increase players shooting percentage.

What you will learn at the Shooting & Finishing Camp?

  • Learn the correct shooting mechanics that all great shooters posses
  • Learn key elements of shooting to increase your shooting percentages
  • Learn how to separate from defenders and create your own shot
  • Learn how to get your shot off against taller and faster defenders
  • Learn how to get into the paint and finish through contact
  • Learn how to draw fouls and get to the free throw line often
  • Learn finishing techniques that every great player should know
  • Learn specific drills to develop a quicker shot
  • Become “Unshakeable” and poised under pressure
  • Learn about court spacing, cutting, and moving without the ball
  • Learn catch & shoot skills and shooting against pressure
  • Improve your shot selection
  • Learn how to train to get results



Physical and mental toughness will often determine the team that wins and the team that loses. Toughness, like all other skills, mental and physical toughness can be nurtured and developed in players, regardless of age, size, or ability. As parents and coaches, we all want our players to be tougher, play with energy and be tenacious in all aspects of the game, but how do you unlock and develop toughness?
N1DP presents another unique camp that will focus on developing physical and mental toughness through challenging drills and techniques that have helped the best players in the world become superstars.

What will you learn at the Toughness Camp? 

  • ·       Learn how to stay in control under pressure situations.
    ·       Learn how to dribble and protect the basketball with more security and eliminate turnovers.
    ·       Learn how to play tough defence, without fouling.
    ·       Learn how to be a tenacious rebounder who pounds the glass and protects the paint.
    ·       Learn how to get open and seal players to receive passes safely.
    ·       Learn how to make great passes under pressure.
    ·       Learn how to play through contact, remain poised and make winning plays under pressure.
    ·       Learn how to be strong in the post on offense and defence.
    ·       Learn how to get into the paint and finish through contact.
    ·       Learn how to battle through adversity and flourish under pressure.
    ·       Learn how to draw fouls and get to the free throw line often.
    ·       Become “Unshakeable” and poised under pressure.
    ·       Gain improved confidence and focus, greater motivation and resiliency.


The modern game requires all players to be able to run and execute plays. Successful players gain a competitive edge if they can setup plays, read various defensive situations, counter when necessary, and execute with perfect timing and spacing. At this camp players will learn popular 2- and 3-man actions in transition and half court, they will also learn the “HOW, WHY as well as WHEN” to perform and execute plays to increase their shooting percentage, create scoring opportunities and increase their teams winning average. 

If players are struggling to understand or execute plays in game, then this is the perfect camp to help develop playmaking skills, improve decision making, court vision, increase their confidence and give players an in-depth look into the skill of playmaking.   

What you will learn at the Play Making & Offensive Concepts Camp. 

  • ·       Learn the mindset, responsibilities and traits needed to become a playmaker.
    ·       Learn how to find, create and utilize advantages on offense.
    ·       Learn the key roles and responsibilities of a good playmaker, with and without the ball.
    ·       Learn 2- and 3-man plays utilized in most popular offenses.
    ·       Learn simple and effective plays in transition.
    ·       Learn the key elements on how to execute plays.
    ·       Learn how to read, react and counter various defensive schemes.
    ·       Learn how to maintain good spacing, cutting and movement without the ball.
    ·       Learn how to create opportunities while working within an offensive system.
    ·       Learn how to setup teammates, use misdirection, change of pace and direction to get open
    ·       Become “Unshakeable” and poised under pressure
    ·       Improve your shot selection.
    ·       Learn how to train to get results.


Transitioning from offense to defence and vice versa is often chaotic. Often players find themselves out of position, they must scramble to protect the basket against lay-ups, slow the ball down, matchup quickly, often forced to defend players of differing positions and size, and make quick decisions on the run. N1DP is here to cut through all the confusion and give players a structured system on how to defend and play transition basketball, the smart way. 

This camp will help players master both sides to the transition game through an array of new ideas and strategies for offense and defence.  Players will be taught the responsibilities of first player back, second player back, trailers, and for players acting as a goalie at the rim and how to coordinate players to take away open shots without giving up rim protection. They will also learn how commitment, hustle and intelligent play will help them become great defenders on transition and how to find, create and use advantages on fast-break situations. 

What you will learn at the Transition Offense & Defence Camp. 

  • ·       Learn the key roles and responsibilities of each player on transition offense and defence.
    ·       Learn how to advance the ball against pressure and to score quickly.
    ·       Learn how to defend and score in 1on1 – 2on1 – 3on2 – 4on3 and 5on4 situations.
    ·       Learn how to matchup quickly, protect the key and take away open shots.
    ·       Learn a system of communication on offense and defence.
    ·       Learn how to defend disadvantaged situations.
    ·       Learn simple and effective plays in transition.
    ·       Learn how to read, react and counter various defensive schemes.
    ·       Learn how to maintain good spacing on transition offense.
    ·       Learn how to create opportunities on transition for yourself and teammates.
    ·       Learn about court spacing, receiver spots, cutting, and moving without the ball.
    ·       Learn how to force turnovers and stop the offense from scoring.
    ·       Learn how to create advantages, find open teammates and score.
    ·       Increase your confidence and improve your decision making in transition.


This is the ultimate camp to ramp up your offensive skills on the perimeter, in transition or inside the key, and if you want to improve your game alongside other skilled players then the N1DP Signature Moves camp is for you.

At this N1DP camp, we breakdown the signature moves of some of the most dominant offensive players past and present.

You will learn Kevin Durant’s deadly Jab-Step Cross move and several counters that he utilises to beat any defender. We will teach you Kyrie’s Spin Series, we breakdown Devin Bookers attack & counter moves and how all these great players punish the defence and finish through the contact. You will learn the footwork, dribbling moves and the little nuance of each players moves that make them unstoppable.

This camp is filled with detailed teaching, in-depth skill breakdown, insights, and high-level techniques for breaking down individuals and team offenses.

What will you learn at the Signature Series Camp:

  • ·       Learn the key elements to becoming a great offensive player
    ·       Learn how to score over taller players
    ·       Learn how to score in the key
    ·       Learn Kevin Durant’s Jab Series
    ·       Learn Devin Bookers attack & counter moves
    ·       Learn Curry’s dribble moves and shot fake hesitations
    ·       Learn Kyrie’s Spin Series and various counters
    ·       Learn a variety of step-back moves to gain separation from defenders
    ·       Learn the signature dribble moves of Durant, Kyrie, Devin and Curry
    ·       Get an insight into the mindset of an elite offensive player
    ·       Learn key training drills to increase your speed, agility and lateral quickness
    ·       Improve your confidence, mental toughness, and court awareness on defence
    ·       Learn training techniques to help improve your foot speed, strength, and agility

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When: Elite Master Series Specialised Camp June/July 2021
Dates: Monday 28th June 2021 - Friday 2nd July 2021
Time: 12:30pm - 3:30pm
Ages: 14-17 Years in 2021
Cost: $375 for full camp or $90 per day. Not Valid for Active Kids Vouchers. Special Offer: Register & Pay for a FULL WEEK Camp & receive a FREE ILLAWARRA HAWKS Huddle Supporter members pack valued at $79. More Info Here: https://am.ticketmaster.com/thehawks/non_ticketed#/
Note: N1DP provides active supervision for 15min before and after scheduled camp hours. Please note that any late pick-ups after these times will be subject to a $20.00 late fee per half hour. Each attendee is required to bring their own basketball, water bottle and food for break time. Participants will be divided into classes based on age and ability.
Phone: 1300 33 n1dp
Venue: Netball Central
2 Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
Sydney, NSW 2127 Australia

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