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This is the ultimate ball handling, dribbling and scoring camp. This camp is filled with high-level ball handling, passing, dribbling and scoring techniques to help you make winning plays, break down defences and create scoring opportunities.

Learn the passing, dribbling, scoring and finishing principles that make players like Chris Paul one of the best ball handlers and playmakers in the game.

Plus, we will teach you the habits that all great players practice daily. Things that make them successful and helps them stay at the top of their game. We will teach you how to train like a champion for maximum results.

What you will learn at the Ballhandling, Dribbling & Scoring Camp?

  • Develop and enhance your ball handling, passing and dribbling skills.
  • Learn a series of passes to use in various situations.
  • Learn how to be poised under pressure and pass out of double teams and traps.
  • Learn how to make various passes to post players.
  • Learn a series of great moves off the dribble that can be used at any level.
  • Learn how to finish through contact.
  • Learn how to finish efficiently in the key.
  • Learn how to become a leader and communicator on the court.
  • Become “Unshakeable” and poised under pressure when running the show.
  • Improve your confidence, mental toughness, and court awareness.
  • Learn a series of training drills to utilise at home that will deliver real results.
This program is for players of all positions with representative experience or of a similar ability. They should have a sound knowledge of shooting mechanics, lay-ups, understand passing, cutting and spacing principles, are comfortable with their ball handling ability and have a deep desire to train and become better.

Please feel free to contact us regarding your child’s registration and entry into this camp.

We will have safety measures in place to ensure the well being of our staff and attendees. Please ensure that your children arrive and are picked up on time.
Children will not be permitted to attend the camp if any of the below is relevant:

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When: Elite Master Series Specialised Camp April 2021
Dates: Monday 12th April 2021 - Monday 12th April 2021
Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Ages: 9-13 Years
Cost: $90
Note: *AKV are only valid for our development academy and not school holiday camps. N1DP provides active supervision for 15min before and after scheduled camp hours. Please note that any late pick-ups after these times will be subject to a $20.00 late fee per half hour. Each attendee is required to bring their own basketball, water bottle and food for break time. Participants will be divided into classes based on age and ability.
Phone: 1300 33 n1dp
The Snakepit Stadium, 37 Foley St, Gwynneville
NSW, 2500 Australia

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