No1 Draft Pick Media Release – Exciting Partnership Announcement

No1 Draft Pick Management No1 Draft Pick is thrilled to announce a new partnership that will take the emerging business in an exciting new direction and provide even more opportunities for Australia’s aspiring basketball players. The company has joined forces with MyKey People Management to create a full service ... More

Carfino Competes in World Masters Games

I have been competing in one way or another ever since I can remember. As a former professional athlete, the rush of competition is not easy to replace once your playing days are over. Coaching juniors comes close to filling that gap, but there is nothing like coming up with the big play when the game is hanging in the ... More

Steve Carfino talks to Kevin Lisch on Basketball & Life Skills

As a father and a coach at the No1 Draft Pick Basketball Academy, I’m often looking for role models to emulate and I often point to Kevin Lisch for inspiration. I had the pleasure of chatting with Kevin recently about his philosophy on sport and life. Here is what he shared with me. Basketball/Life Skills: What ... More

Q&A with Damian Cotter

N1DP: At the end of 2016, you embarked on a trip through India, Sri Lanka and Europe to coach players from grassroot through elite; how did this come about? DC:  I’ve been conducting camps in Sri Lanka for about 10+ years now, and it started out as a yearly altruistic type thing and just grew to yearly visits ... More

The little things that make you a better player

After watching LeBron James chase down and block the shot of Andre Iguodala in game seven, to set up Cleveland's first NBA title, it got me thinking. If the best player in the world (sorry Steph Curry) can get himself into a play starting three metres behind it. Why can't we all understand the importance of never giving up ... More

Steve Carfino’s Mock Draft 2016

The excitement of the NBA Finals is still fresh on our lips as we rejoice yet another Australian, Matt Delevadova, winning an NBA Championship ring. Now there are six Aussies to hold up the Larry O'Brian Trophy. The list includes Andrew Gaze (Spurs) Luc Longley (Bulls) Patty Mills and Aaron Baynes (Spurs) Andrew Bogut ... More

NBA COACHES – By Steve Carfino

The NBA has had its fair share of problems that they've had to fix over the years. From drug use in the 70s, strikes by the players union, racist owners, to enforcing a dress code for players arriving and departing from the stadiums. The NBA is a big business that handles it’s problems swiftly and efficiently. So ... More

Parents Off Court – By Steve Carfino

Eight weeks into the Representative season I've seen some great things on the court and some things not so great off the court. With that in mind, I thought I'd give you my top ten things a parent shouldn't do when watching their kid play sport 1) Never approach the coach on the day of the game to discuss any ... More

Game Changer – By Steve Carfino

The Golden State Warriors not only won the NBA title last season, they also changed the way the game is being played. The Warriors led the NBA in points per game and assists, others have played small ball, but unlike Golden State other run and gun teams failed in the post season. Basketball purist can relax because, ... More