Steve Carfino’s Mock Draft 2016

The excitement of the NBA Finals is still fresh on our lips as we rejoice yet another Australian, Matt Delevadova, winning an NBA Championship ring. Now there are six Aussies to hold up the Larry O’Brian Trophy. The list includes Andrew Gaze (Spurs) Luc Longley (Bulls) Patty Mills and Aaron Baynes (Spurs) Andrew Bogut (Warriors) Matt Delevadova (Cavs), seven if you include Kyrie Irving who was born in Australia.

This week we look to the future, featuring this year’s 2016 NBA Draft. Once again an Australian is projected to be the first player selected in this year’s NBA Draft. Ben Simmons looks to be the second Australian to go number one in the draft since Andrew Bogut went number one with the Milwaukee Bucks in 2005.

Although Ben Simmons has dominated the headlines at LSU, there are two more Australians that have declared themselves eligible for this year’s NBA Draft. Thon Maker, a You Tube sensation, looks to go late in the first round, only because of his lack of experience playing at a top level. His upside is that he is 7’0″ can shoot the three, handle the ball and block shots. The surprise packet is Emmanuel Malou, a 6’9″ forward from Melbourne. He played at Yuma College in Marysville California and averaged 14 points 8 rebounds and almost 3 blocked shots per game. Emmanuel is projected to go high in the second round, so there’s a good chance Australia could go from seven players making an NBA roster last season, to ten players next season.

This is the order I have the players going in the 2016 NBA Draft

1) Ben Simmons – (76ers) Since Portland passed on Michael Jordan in 1984 teams now draft the best player available, not what position they need to fill.

2 Brandon Ingram – (Lakers) The first two picks are pretty much locked in, Simmons has more potential while Brandon is a more polished product.

3) Kris Dunn – (Celtics) Dunn is the purist point guard of the log jam of guards that feature in the top end of the draft.

4) Marquese Chriss – (Suns) Chris will be slow to produce results his first couple years, but with length and his ability to shoot the rock this makes him a top five pick.

5) Buddy Hield – (Minnesota) The best shooting guard in the draft but not a combo guard. His workouts have gone great with various clubs.

6) Jamal Murray – (New Orleans) Just another one of those talented combo guards with good size at 6’5″.

7) Dragan Bender – (Denver) A 7’0″ three point shooter from Israel. A Euro big that can pick and pop to spread the D.

8) Domantas Sabonis – (Kings) Father played in the NBA, great basketball IQ.

9) Jakob Poeltl – (Toronto) Compared to Andrew Bogut, plays both ends of the floor.

10) Jaylen Brown – (Bucks) A 6’5″ shooting guard that could go anywhere from 3 to 10. This year’s crop of guards are that good.

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