Parents Off Court – By Steve Carfino

Eight weeks into the Representative season I’ve seen some great things on the court and some things not so great off the court.

With that in mind, I thought I’d give you my top ten things a parent shouldn’t do when watching their kid play sport


1) Never approach the coach on the day of the game to discuss any difference of opinion.

2) Don’t unload on your kid driving home from a game, he or she is feeling pretty bad already.

3) Don’t contradict the coach, the game is confusing enough without conflicting information.

4) Don’t yell at the referees, trust me it doesn’t help. And you’re sending the wrong example to your children.

5) Don’t say anything negative to another parent about any of the kids. We can all be like wild animals protecting our young when we hear criticism .

6) Don’t show negative emotion when your child makes mistakes. If you think they are not watching you , you are wrong!

7) Don’t give your child unrealistic goals to achieve in game, it’s just another way your kid feels like they’ve let you down.

8) Don’t compare them to a teammate or a sibling.

9) Don’t give them individual goals that take away from the team concept ( like scoring so many points )

10) Don’t ruin the sport for your kids.

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