NBA COACHES – By Steve Carfino

The NBA has had its fair share of problems that they’ve had to fix over the years. From drug use in the 70s, strikes by the players union, racist owners, to enforcing a dress code for players arriving and departing from the stadiums. The NBA is a big business that handles it’s problems swiftly and efficiently. So hopefully, what I believe to be a problem will be handled in such a manner.

Some NBA coNBAcoahesaches at press conferences are not cooperating with the media. Recently Steve Kerr after their loss to OKC in the Western Conference Finals was sarcastic and rude to a reporter. I thought the reporter asked a good question about how the Thunder were able to get so many points in transition. Kerr’s answer, “They have really good players” then proceeded to walk out of the press conference. Kerr signed a five year 25 million dollar contract to coach the Golden State Warriors and that includes participating in press conferences in a professional manner. So suck it up and execute your job!

Although Gregg Popovich wasn’t the first and won’t be the last coach to have short answers and be rude to reporters for his own amusement, he has paved the way for other NBA coaches to follow suit. I’m sure these coaches have fielded some stupid questions over the years and have their reasons for this behaviour. Unfortunately it’s us the fans who are getting short-changed, not the reporters, we are the ones missing out on what goes on behind the scenes. The reason we tune in is for the game itself, but also for the insight of sound bites in the huddle, halftime interviews with the coaches and of course, the press conferences after the game. I think the losing coach is more interesting viewing because I want to hear the adjustments necessary to win the next time.

The success of the NBA and the money has clouded the judgement of players and coaches. Nobody is bigger than the game and its fans, so be grateful for what it’s provided you with, do your job and show some respect.

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