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Defence. A central part of any basketball game, and one that is overlooked and often under-emphasised. Many people forget to appreciate the player that blocked all the shots, but never forget the one that scored all the points. Yes, the offence is important, but often people disregard the significance of teaching defensive skills to their players.

Although defence may not be the most fun or thrilling part of the game, it is an important aspect that helps a team win games. Honing in on both your offensive and defensive strategies will help you emerge as a successful player. 

In saying that, it is not enough for players to simply hustle and try and block the ball. Defence is an attitude and having the drive to shut your player down. Basketball players need to have the proper knowledge of different defence techniques, to make them a threat on the court. Your basketball training sessions must focus on effective defensive drills. This will help you become a better player and more importantly a better teammate. 

Types of defences your basketball development academy can teach you!

There are different defensive strategies you can benefit from. If you use them effectively alongside other techniques, you will be on your way to becoming a better basketball player. We are going to run through some of the main defence drills:

Man-to-man defence

This defensive drill requires each player to assign themselves to an offensive player to defend. Man-to-man defence requires skill, fitness and technique. You must always remain low, move your feet and beat your man to their spot. Man-to-man is a common basketball defensive technique, preparing teams to analyse other players closely.

Zone defence

This particular defence strategy involves players covering a specific area on the court, instead of guarding one particular offensive team-member. To play this defence effectively, you and your teammates must have open communication and adjust positions relative to the ball.

Basketball players need to grasp an understanding of both defensive strategies as they provide several benefits. Make sure your basketball training covers both man-to-man and zone defence. This will help you excel your skills as a basketball player!

Benefits of defensive skills: basketball development academies reveal their tips

Focusing and training on defensive techniques is crucial as it can develop your athleticism. A man-to-man defence can help improve your footwork and stance through keeping a close distance to the ball-handler and maintaining a tight defence. This particular defence also forces you to move quicker and defend harder, further developing your athleticism. 

Playing great defence can also help you develop a stronger IQ. How, might you ask? Well, by playing good defence, you are forced to think quicker and act quicker. It is a great way to develop your basketball skills and learn to react quickly. With intense and regular coaching, you will slowly be able to adapt to whatever role you are asked to play in. 

Defensive drills are also a great way to develop good basketball habits including coordination, strength and athleticism. Focusing on these particular skills will help you develop good habits and eliminate those that aren’t beneficial. 

The debate: is defence more important than offence? Basketball development academies explain

A contested debate. Some like to argue that offence is more important, as it is purely the objective of the game. While others claim that defence is more important because you can stop the opponent’s offence from scoring. 

“Offence sells tickets, defence wins championships” – Bear Bryant
“Good offence will always beat good defence” – Eric Bolling

Which side are you on? We believe that your basketball training should focus on a balanced offensive and defensive strategy. It is very hard to choose one side, and both are just as important in the game. 

We believe that when you attend basketball training sessions, you will be able to adopt a 360-degree approach and focus on all elements of the game. It is not enough to be good at one part of the game, and lack skills in other areas. 

At No1 Draft Pick, our basketball development academy and basketball training in Sydney help teach students about the skills and techniques needed to keep them ahead of the game. Our programs create an environment where players are comfortable to train and excel to their fullest potential.

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