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What makes a good teammate and player?  Well, they are the same attributes that make a good person and friend.

Unselfishness & Service: Look to help and serve others first. Unselfish and giving people will enable those around them to thrive and succeed. Your goal on the court, as well as in life, should be to make those around you look good! Ask yourself, “Am I happy when others do well?” In doing so, you will succeed even further yourself.

Humility: Allow yourself to be taught and coached. Do not downplay or overplay your abilities; just try to look at yourself honestly and do not be afraid to ask for help.

Positive Body Language: Your body language speaks to yourself and others more than anything else. Having positive body language, whether things work out the way you want or not, will enable you and others to succeed and be joyful no matter what happens. Encourage others with your words and actions. Great leaders have great body language.

Security & Trust: Team-mates/people that are trusting in each other will work much better together. A secure and trusting environment will allow each individual to feel comfortable and contribute more towards the end goal. Be honest and compassionate.

Perseverance: It is easy to do anything when things are going your way.  But, can you keep working when frustration and setbacks come your way? Can you stay positive and focused when things get tough? It takes time and patience to be accomplished at anything.

Accountability: We must each be responsible for our own actions. Whether we have done a good job or a poor job, we need to be mature and take responsibility for what we have done.

Feel free to share with your parents, coaches and friends!

By Kevin Lisch