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Basketball training is one of the best ways to keep all players on the team in shape and at the top of their game. It allows players to work on their weaknesses and devise a game plan when it comes time to play. A team effort, basketball also requires every member to train together to reach effective results. Basketball development programs help bring all players up to a higher standard, ensuring the entire team shares a common goal and set of skills.

Sydney-siders, we are sure you have all heard the sayings ‘work hard’, ‘push yourself’, and ‘it’s all about the grind’ throughout your day-to-day activities. Although these sayings are valid, it’s all about the actions, not the words. 

When it comes to participating in basketball development programs, it is one thing to say these types of sayings aloud. However, nothing speaks louder than the improvement of skills.

Every basketball player has learnt from mistakes. The earlier these mistakes are corrected, the earlier struggles on the court can be rectified, and the earlier skills can be refined. 

We are going to share some of the common mistakes made when it comes to basketball training. Avoid these mistakes, and you will be well on your way to success!

Avoid these training mistakes when engaging in basketball development programs

A basketball player’s athleticism is the foundation of the entire game. If one can improve their strength, power, agility and flexibility, then they will be able to perform the skills of shooting, passing, handling, defending and rebounding. Players must engage in regular basketball training or development programs for them to make strides in their skill sets such as strength, mobility, stamina and coordination.

Here are 7 mistakes to avoid to ensure that you get the most out of your basketball training session:

  1. No goal, no success: if you do not have a clear goal before you enter your basketball training session in Sydney, you will more than likely have an unproductive and sluggish training session. Whether your goal is getting up 500 shots, 100 makes or 10 minutes of ball-handling, set some goals before you start training. Going in with a clear mindset will help you focus, work hard and push yourself.
  2. No plan, no progress: similar to having a goal it is vital to set out a plan before you step foot onto the court. Whether it is a one-on-one training session or group development program, you should ensure that you or your coach has a plan before starting. Training with purpose is the only way to train, and a well set out plan will help you do so. If you are engaging in one-on-one coaching or a basketball development program, it is significant to remember that you are still learning and don’t know everything. Always be open to your coaches suggestions and guidance, as they want you to succeed as much as you do! Players that think they know it all, often don’t see where they need to improve, where they fail to progress.
  3. No diversification in the workout: make your workouts different and unique. Although catch and shoot shots are great for warming up, you need to make yourself more than a one-dimensional player. Work on various elements of the game such as pull-ups, finishing and off the move shots. Change up your training sessions and introduce new techniques to help you improve!
  4. Not training at game speed: training at game speed is one of the most vital things you can do! Train like you’re in the game, under game-like conditions, because if you don’t, you are not preparing yourself when it comes time to step on the court. Making casual shots and running around aimlessly does not count as training. Practice the way you are going to play, and you will see results! It is also vital to remain in an athletic stance while training. Get used to playing low and in position during training sessions so you can implement this in the game.
  5. Being afraid to make mistakes: everyone makes mistakes and has days where they can’t seem to pull something off. We are all human and have our limits. This is all a part of success. Pushing yourself to your boundaries where you are making mistakes will help you learn and progress. If you’re scared of making mistakes, you won’t ever get better. Mistakes are a good thing.
  6. Practising things you’ll never do: it is incredibly frustrating and time-wasting to practice techniques you will never apply in a game. For example, working on their 25ft jumper when nearly all shots are made from much closer than that. This will waste time and distract yourself from focusing on what is essential in shooting real goals regularly.
  7. No consistency: everyone can sign up to basketball training or hit the gym once a month, but that is not enough to reach your goals. To see improvement, you have to develop consistency. Make sure you set a plan and after that, make a regular effort to train.

At No1 Draft Pick, we offer a variety of different services to the Sydney region including one on one coaching, holiday camps, basketball development programs and academies, helping you reach your ultimate potential. We share our passion and expertise in basketball with you!

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