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It’s no secret that playing any kind of sport at any age is beneficial to one’s physical, mental and emotional health. Physical activity of any kind improves a person’s body, mental health and energy levels, benefitting all corners of a person’s life. Advantages of physical activity differ according to sport and age. For kids, especially young kids, basketball training improves almost every aspect of their lives, even if they don’t know it. Parents struggle with enrolling their kids into extracurricular activities – for good reason! There are many different types of sports and classes that a child in Sydney can attend, however, we believe that basketball training for kids is the best out of all.

Basketball training for young kids is available at No1 Draft Pick’s basketball academy for U8s and U10s in our Rookie League. We also accommodate older kids up until our U17s group, however, for this article, we’ll be discussing how training helps your U8s and U10s kids.

Not every child may be interested in basketball, or any sport for that matter. This does not mean that they can’t benefit from basketball training for young kids or enjoy it. The beauty of basketball is in the game itself. It’s an incredibly fun team sport that builds camaraderie and relationships that last a lifetime so, even if your child may not be interested in basketball, talk to them about attending basketball training sessions.

6 advantages of basketball training for kids

  • Physical literacy
    Physical literacy should be developed before a child hits puberty. It involves the building of skills, knowledge and behaviour to lead an active lifestyle. Basketball training for young children helps to expose them to physical activity and develop their physical literacy which ultimately, helps them to lead a healthy and active life and to make better and healthier decisions when they are older.
  • Muscle development
    If you’re a fan of basketball, you know that it’s an intense sport that forces your entire body to work out throughout the game. From sprinting, jumping and dribbling to swiftly shooting, continuous movement in the game results in increased endurance and muscle development in players. For young kids, this is a great starting point to developing excellent energy levels, even in intense situations, aerobic capacity and muscle development. Bear in mind that many of the training techniques and drills that young kids undergo also produce muscle development which ultimately, make them stronger kids.
  • Sportsmanship
    In every sport, there are highs and lows, both on and off the court. Young kids aren’t born and won’t magically turn up with good sportsmanship. It’s human nature to feel defeated and upset after a loss or, to want to jump for joy when successful, however, it does not always translate into good sportsmanship, especially when playing in a team and against teams. At No1 Draft Pick, kids are taught to shake hands with opponents and referees after every game and to take responsibility for their own performance. They are discouraged from blaming their teammates and from flaunting their win in front of their opponent. This skill is invaluable and translates into other areas of your child’s life.
  • Social development and teamwork skills
    Basketball is a team sport, giving your kids the opportunity to make lasting friendships with kids who attend the basketball academy with them. They will also be surrounded by older players and coaches who can serve as mentors and role models for them. Participating in an academy and in one of their basketball teams allows children the chance to support teammates, work together with different personalities and players of different backgrounds and importantly, communicate with people.
  • Discipline
    In sport, discipline is extremely important. With basketball training, your child will learn from a young age that he or she needs to abide by rules and regulations and maintain discipline in their personal lives to succeed in basketball. They will learn to take direction from mentors, trainers and coaches without getting personally offended or defensive. Again, this is another quality that is applicable to different areas of a child’s life.
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
    Any form of training or sport is helpful for building a child’s self-esteem. Instead of allowing your child to wallow in self-pity and have their confidence crushed by a lost game or missed point, our coaches at No1 Draft Pick build your child’s confidence and self-esteem, to the point where they are fully comfortable and confident in their skills and physical abilities.

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