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At N1DP, we are incredibly proud of our team and the basketball training program that we have developed. As coaches and parents, we know that picking the right basketball training program for your kid is incredibly important. A basketball training program determines the experience that your child will have and ultimately, will impact their growth in the sport and their social and physical development.

N1DP has several basketball training programs, all for different skill levels, ages and basketball experience. Furthermore, there are a variety of basketball training programs available across the state. While we believe that there is something for every kid at N1DP, we also realise the differences between our programs. To help the parents of basketball-lovers across the state, we’ve come up with 5 tips for finding the right program for your kid.

Basketball training programs are one of the best experiences for your kid!

Whether your kid wants to go pro or simply loves basketball, a training program is an excellent way to immerse them in the sport. In addition to doing something they love, they’ll also gain the following benefits.

  • Improvement in physical fitness
  • Excellent social development
  • Higher energy levels
  • Understand the value of good sportsmanship, responsibility and persistence
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Understand the importance of respecting authority and teamwork

5 ways parents can pick the right basketball training program for their kid

Pro vs Beginner
Basketball training programs are usually created around whether the child is at the beginner level or ready to prepare for competitive basketball. This is extremely important to consider because coaches, techniques and classes are developed around the skill level of the kid. Therefore, for your child to receive the appropriate attention and coaching, they should be enrolled in a program reflective of their skill level.

At N1DP, we have basketball training programs for children at every level. Our Rookie League is aimed at kids just starting in basketball; our Rising Stars program was developed for children who want to work on refining their skills to prepare for social competitions; the N1DP Elite program was developed to prepare kids for the representative programmes.

Research the coaches
Basketball training programs are usually run by former professional basketball coaches or former professional basketball players. While you are unlikely to run into a poor coach, you should always research the coach running a basketball training program before making the final decision.

Feel free to ask the coach as many questions as you need to feel comfortable that they are the right person to train your kid. A coach’s demeanour is just as important as the program and will have a major impact on your child’s experience.

General development vs individual technique
Basketball programs are often developed around refining one specific technique (e.g. dribbling) or mastering foundational elements of the game. You should enrol your child in a training program that’s reflective of what their game needs.

For example, if your child has already mastered the basics of basketball, then working on weaker elements would be beneficial to their development in the game. However, if they are just starting, it’s best you enrol them in a program that teaches them the foundation of the game.

Age of your kid
The age of your kid is important because it usually dictates how they will socially interact with other kids in the program. It also largely determines how well they can keep up physically.

At N1DP, we offer Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18 categories across many of our programs. We know how important it is that your child feel socially and physically comfortable at their training program, which is why we offer it to as many age groups as we can.

Activity level
The activity level of your child is incredibly important in determining whether they attend a training program or not. While a basketball training program is never out of the question for any child, you should ensure that your kid is physically active so that they can keep up and fully participate in the program.

Our supportive team environment and morale-boosting coaches focus on the positives and ensure that all kids enrolled in our basketball training program become resilient and leave every day with high self-esteem, whether they win, lose or draw in a game, suffer a temporary setback or achieve a major goal.

Join our N1DP family and discover the best basketball experience for your kids! Enquire today about our programs on 133 33 N1DP