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Our basketball academy is a great place for kids of all ages to learn the basics of basketball, refine their skills and prepare for Representative trials. Regardless of the type of program your kid is enrolled in at our basketball academy, you can expect them to undergo intense, but manageable physical training.

Basketball drills and friendly games are just two examples of training that demands physical fitness from kids. While our programs will, by nature, help your child to improve their physical fitness, it’s important that they also exercise and train while not at our academy. Most children who lead an active lifestyle don’t find this difficult, however, when winter hits Sydney, all kids suffer from a lack of opportunity and motivation to exercise.

Why is it important for kids to keep up their fitness during winter?

Ensuring that your kids stay fit during winter on and off the court is beneficial for a number of reasons. Here is why you, as the parent, should ensure that your kid is consistently physically active throughout the season.

  • Maintain their energy levels and avoid lethargy from settling in.
  • Ensure they get the most out of their training sessions at No1 Draft Pick’s basketball academy.
  • Improve their mental alertness.
  • Nurture their physical development which impacts their gross motor skills and the strengthening of their muscles and bones.

These are just some of the benefits of ensuring that your kid’s physical activity remains consistent when they are not at our academy. Bear in mind that many of these benefits impact their time at our basketball academy and even school! For kids who are serious about basketball, performing at your best when you attend your training classes with us is integral for success.

No1 Draft Pick Quick Fact

Kobe Bryant’s off-season workout has been called the 666 program because he spends 2 hours running, 2 hours on basketball, and 2 hours weightlifting (for a total of 6 hours a day, six times a week, for six months).

No1 Draft Pick’s 5 tips for keeping kids fit during winter

  • Encourage them to utilise the staircase
    The staircase in your home is a great tool for exercise. Running or walking up the stairs in your house (or apartment building) can be great for high-intensity cardio and leg workouts. In basketball, sprinting and strong legs is important for agility on the court, making this an excellent exercise.

    When your kid is starting out, recommend that they take walking intervals in between sprints to build up their endurance.
  • Model healthy behaviour
    Kids, regardless of how old, pick up habits from their parents. As you have the majority of responsibility for your child, try to guide them towards positive choices. Try to eat healthier at home, including offering healthy snack substitutes instead of their usual unhealthy favourites.

    In the supermarket, take the long route to find your items and encourage them to walk through malls with you. While small, this impacts their activity for the day, even if they aren’t able to walk outside.
  • Suggest dance classes
    Dance classes are a fun activity to do indoors. It avoids having to endure the cold, improves posture and flexibility, lifts your kid’s mood and eases their anxiety. Dance is also an activity that builds their agility and coordination and increases their aerobic fitness and muscular strength – all qualities that are important for basketball players.
  • Install an indoor hoop
    To Keep your kid linked with basketball, try installing an indoor hoop either in a spare room of your home, in your sheltered garage or in their room. Having access to a hoop means that they can, at least, practice their shooting skills while avoiding the rain.
  • Use the internet!
    The internet is home to many useful resources for kids who are stuck inside during the winter. Use YouTube to find indoor basketball drills that your kid can do at home. Let them follow along with the videos. Exercising at home can be demotivational, so having a video to follow helps kids to stay engaged with the drills.

To encourage them even further, you can suggest that they invite a friend over to train with them.

Basketball for kids is one of the best sport activity for ensuring that your child stays fit. We know how hard it is to navigate around the rainy, windy and cold temperatures of a winter day in Sydney, so we hope that this helps your kid become a better basketball player.

If you’d like more information on our programs or you’d like to register your kid, then contact us here.